Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 – 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915

Maxim公司的MAX14915是带诊断功能的八路高边开关,能提供高达700mA连续电流,125℃环境温度时开态电阻最大为250mΩ,集成了±1kV/42Ω IEC61000-4-5浪涌保护,工作环境温度-40℃ 到+125℃,SPI接口可提供全部和单路配置和诊断,包括过压和欠压检测,开-线检测,过载和限流报告,热条件报告等.主要用在工业数字输出和PLC系统.本文介绍了MAX14915主要优势和特性,简化框图和应用电路,以及评估板MAX14915 EVK主要特性,电路图,材料清单和PCB设计图.

The MAX14915 has eight high-side switches specified to deliver up to 700mA continuous current. The high-side switches have on-resistance of 250mΩ (max) at 125℃ ambient temperature.

The SPI interface has a built-in chip addressing decoder, allowing communication with multiple MAX14915s utilizing a common SPI chip select (CS).

The SPI interface provides flexibility for global and per-channel configuration and diagnostic, including over and undervoltage detection, open wire/load detection, overload and current limiting reporting, thermal conditions reporting, and more.

Open load detection detects both open-wire/open-load conditions with switches in the on and off states. LED drivers provide indication of per-channel fault, status, and supply undervoltage conditions. Internal active clamps allow for fast turn-off of inductive loads.Integrated line-to-ground and line-to-line surge protection only requires a TVS on VDD.The MAX14915 is available in a compact 48-pin 6mm x 6mm QFN package.


Robustness and Smart Diagnostics65V Absolute Maximum Supply Range
Internal Clamps for Fast Inductive LoadDemagnetization
CRC Error Checking on the SPI Interface
Watchdog Timer for Diagnostics Checking
Open-Wire Detection, Both with Switches On and Off
Undervoltage Detection with UVLO
Loss of VDD or GND Protection
Thermal Shutdown Protection
Integrated ±1kV/42Ω IEC61000-4-5 SurgeProtection
-40℃ to +125℃ Operating Ambient Temperature
Reduces Power and Heat Dissipation250mΩ (Max) On-Resistance at TA = 125℃
2mA (typ) Supply Current
Accurate Output Current Limiting
FlexibilityAddressable SPI Interface Reduces Isolation Cost
SYNCH Input for Simultaneous Update of Switches
LED Driver Matrix for 16 LEDs, Powered by 24V, 5V, or 3.3V
Flexible Logic Voltage Interface from 2.5V to 5.5V
Compact 6mm x 6mm QFN Package


Industrial Digital Outputs
PLC Systems
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915

评估板MAX14915 EVK

The MAX14915 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a proven design to evaluate the MAX14915, octal high-side switch with extended diagnostics. The EV kit includes the MAX14915 evaluation board and a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides communication from a PC to the target device through a USB port and the USB2GPIO interface board. The USB2GPIO EV kit should be ordered separately.

The GUI is compatible with Windows 10 for exercising the features of the MAX14915 IC. The EV kit GUI allows individually controlling of eight high-side switches through the high-speed SPI interface and receive a diagnostic information from the MAX14915, including open-wire/ open-load conditions, state of the output channels, multiple undervoltage alarms, global and per channel overtemperature alarms, and multiple fault alarms.

The MAX14915 EV kit must be powered from an external +24V power supply and can consume more than 10A when fully loaded. The USB2GPIO interface board is powered from the USB port.

The MAX14915 EV kit board comes with a MAX14915AFM+ installed in a 48-pin,6 x 6mm FC2QFN package.

评估板MAX14915 EVK主要特性:

Robust Operation with Wide Range Of Input Voltages and Load Conditions
VDDOK Indication
LED Indication of Channels Status and Fault Conditions
Fast Inductive Load Demagnetization
Open-wire, Overload, Undervoltage, Overcurrent,Thermal Shutdown Fault Conditions Indication
Supports Watchdog and SYNCH Features
Communication Error Indication
Wide Logic Voltage Range
Pin Addressable SPI Communication
-40℃ to +125℃ Temperature Range
Proven PCB Layout
Fully Assembled and Tested
Windows 10 Compatible Software
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915
图3.评估板MAX14915 EVK外形图
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915
图4.评估板MAX14915 EVK系统框图
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915
图5.评估板MAX14915 EVK电路图
评估板MAX14915 EVK材料清单:
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915
图6.评估板MAX14915 EVK PCB设计图:左:顶层丝印;右:内层2

Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915
图7.评估板MAX14915 EVK PCB设计图:左:顶层;右:内层3
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915
图8.评估板MAX14915 EVK PCB设计图:左:底层;右:底层丝印
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915MAX14915.pdf
Maxim MAX14915带诊断功能八路高边开关解决方案 - 工业控制,PLC系统,数字输出, MAX14915MAX14915EVKIT.pdf

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