Allegro SX68000M高压三相马达驱动解决方案 – 工业控制,马达驱动,马达控制


High Voltage 3-Phase Motor Drivers

The SX68000M series provides the solution for controlling 3-phase full bridges that utilize MOSFETs rated at 250 V/2 A, 500 V/1.5 A, or 500 V/2.5 A.

The IC includes in a single package: protection functions such as UVLO (protection circuit for controlling power supply voltage drop), OCP (overcurrent protection), TSD (thermal shutdown), and OCL (current limiting), and a pre-driver with ¯ F¯O¯ (Fault Output) terminal and bootstrap diodes with limit resistors.

The SX68000M series is packaged in a fully-molded SOP with 27 pins at 1.2 mm pitch. Body size: 22 × 14.1 × 2.1 mm.


▪ Built-in bootstrap diodes with limit resistors

▪ Built-in protection circuit for controlling power supply voltage drop (UVLO)

▪ Built-in Thermal Shutdown (TSD)

▪ Built-in Current Limiter (OCL)

▪ 7.5 V regulated output


▪ Small motor control:

▫ Air conditioning fan

▫ White goods cooling fans
Allegro SX68000M高压三相马达驱动解决方案 - 工业控制,马达驱动,马达控制
Allegro SX68000M高压三相马达驱动解决方案 - 工业控制,马达驱动,马达控制

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