Powerint PFS729EG

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protected power factor correction solution

• incorporates high-voltage power mosfet, controller, and gate driver

• en61000-3-2 class d compliance

• integrated protection features reduce external component count

• accurate built-in brown-in/out protection

• accurate built-in undervoltage (uv) protection

• accurate built-in overvoltage (ov) protection

• hysteretic thermal shutdown (otp)

• internal power limiting function for overload protection

• cycle-by-cycle power switch current limit

• no external current sense required

• provides “lossless” internal sensing via sense-fet

• reduces component count and system losses

• minimizes high current gate drive loop area

• minimizes output overshoot and stresses during start-up

• integrated power limit and frequency soft start

• improve dynamic response

• input line feed-forward gain adjustment for constant loop gain across entire input voltage range

• eliminates up to 40 discrete components for higher reliability and lower cost

intelligent solution for high efficiency and low emi

• continuous conduction mode pfc uses novel constant volt/amp-second control engine

• high efficiency across load using a uf boost diode

• low cost emi filter

• universal input device (pfs704 – pfs716) utilize frequency sliding technique for light load efficiency improvements

• >95% efficiency from 10% load to full load at low line input voltage

• >96% efficiency from 10% load to full load at high line input voltage

• high line input device (pfs723 – pfs729) maintain higher average switching frequency to minimize boost inductance and core size

• >94% efficiency from 10% load to full load

• variable switching frequency to simplify emi filter design

• varies over line input voltage to maximize efficiency and minimize emi filter requirements

• varies with input line cycle voltage by >60 khz to maximize spread spectrum effect

advanced package for high power applications

• up to 1 kw peak output power capability in a highly compact package

• simple clip mounting to heat sink

• can be directly connected to heat sink with insulation pad

• provides thermal impedance equivalent to a to-220

• staggered pin arrangement for simple routing of board traces and high voltage creepage requirements

• single package solution for pfc converter reduces assembly costs and layout size


• single chip solution for boost power factor correction (pfc)

• en61000-3-2 class c and d compliant

• high light load efficiency at 10% and 20% load

• >95% efficiency from 10% load to full load

• <130 mw no-load consumption at 230 vac with output in regulation

• <50 mw no-load consumption at 230 vac in remote off state

• frequency adjusted over line voltage, and line cycle

• spread-spectrum across >60 khz window to simplify emi filtering requirements

• lower boost inductance

• provides up to 1 kw peak output power

• >1 kw peak power delivery in power limit voltage regulation mode

• high integration allows smaller form factor, higher power density designs

• incorporates control, gate driver, and high-voltage power mosfet

• internal current sense reduces component count and system losses

• protection features include: uv, ov, otp, brown-in/out, cycle- by-cycle current limit, and power limiting for overload protection

• halogen free and rohs compliant


• pc

• high power adaptors

• printer

• high power led lighting

• lcd tv

• industrial and appliance

• video game consoles

• generic pfc converters
Powerint PFS729EG
Powerint PFS729EG
图2.采用pfs714eg的347w pfc电源电路图
Powerint PFS729EG
图3.采用pfs708eg的180w pfc电源电路图
Powerint PFS729EG
图4.采用pfs729eg的900w pfc电源电路图

采用pfs729eg的900w pfc电源参考设计der274

this document is an engineering report describing a pfc power supply utilizing a hiperpfs pfs729eg integrated pfc controller. this power supply is intended as a general purpose evaluation platform that operates from 180 vac to 264 vac input and provides a regulated 380 vdc output voltage and a continuous output power of 900 w.

this power supply can deliver the rated power at 230 vac or higher input voltages at a room temperature of 25 ºc. for operation at higher ambient temperatures or lower input voltages, use of forced air cooling is recommended.

the document contains the power supply specification, schematic, bill of materials,inductor documentation, printed circuit layout, and performance data.
Powerint PFS729EG
图5.900w pfc电源参考设计der274外形图

900w pfc电源参考设计主要特性:

low component count, high performance pfc

en61000-3-2 class-d compliance with low component count

high pfc efficiency enables 80 plus pc main design

frequency sliding maintains high efficiency across load range

feed forward line sense gain – maintains relatively constant loop gain over entire operating voltage range

excellent transient load response

power integration esip™ low-profile package

900w pfc电源参考设计主要指标:
Powerint PFS729EG
Powerint PFS729EG
图6.900w pfc电源参考设计电路图

900w pfc电源参考设计材料清单(bom):
Powerint PFS729EG
Powerint PFS729EG
Powerint PFS729EG
Powerint PFS729EG
图7.900w pfc电源参考设计pcb布局图
powerint公司的pfs729eg是hiperpfs系列产品,是集成了高压mosfet的大功率pfc控制器,包括有pfc控制器,栅极驱动器和高压功率mosfet,和en61000-3-2 class c 与d兼容,10%和20%负载的效率高,从10%到满负载的效率大于95%,230vac时无负载功耗小于130mw,主要用在pc,大功率适配器,打印机,大功率led照明,lcd tv,工业电器,视频游戏机以及通用pfc转换器.本文介绍了hiperpfs系列产品亮点和主要特性,功能方框图, 347w ,180w和900w的pfc电源电路图,以及采用pfs729eg的900w pfc电源参考设计主要特性和指标,电路图,材料清单和pcb布局

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